X-Stopper Small or Large
  • X-Stopper Small or Large
  • X-Stopper Small or Large
  • X-Stopper Small or Large
  • X-Stopper Small or Large

X-Stopper Small or Large

Thanks to the exceptional stability of our Banger, we've come up with a fantastic solution for our brand-new X-Stoppers.

You'll never have to worry about your bottles tipping over and spilling again. With the X-Stoppers from XTRM, this frustrating issue is a thing of the past. Simply insert it into the bottle, and everything is secure. Whether you want to store your bottles in the fridge or in a drawer, they won't tip over anymore.

The X-Stopper is suitable for all types of small bottles, French bottles, and even the long Tall bottles. The wide X-Stoppers fit perfectly into our Lockerroom Retro or into all ander Bottle Large bottles.

You can buy the X-Stopper individually or as a pack of 6, 3 small and 3 large in random colors! These are perfect for offering your customers cheaply or simply incorporating them into your aroma deals (they are very popular).

Delivery see option without PP aroma bottles
Color = different colors randomly from the range

X-STOPPER: 1x small yellow
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