Double slaves gag
  • Double slaves gag
  • Double slaves gag

Double slaves gag

Shared suffering is half suffering? That's what they say. With our Double Gag you give your slave the opportunity to find out if this saying is correct. With the Double Gag your lover is very close together with a fellow sufferer.

The gag made of soft rubber is movably pushed on the attached strap in leather look and pronounced decorative stitching and can thus adapt to slight changes horizontally.
Of course, the belt itself is repeatedly adjustable. 

So, and now you can order the delinquent which of both and how long this should keep the gag in the mouth or should keep.
An interesting experiment would still be whether it is possible that both slaves 'internalize' the gag at the same time. 

Size: One size fits every head thanks to the Schnallebverschluss!

Material leather well finished
Gag is: a diameter of about 4.4 cm

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