• XTRM GP5 BLINDFOLD "rhombus"
  • XTRM GP5 BLINDFOLD "rhombus"
  • XTRM GP5 BLINDFOLD "rhombus"
  • XTRM GP5 BLINDFOLD "rhombus"
  • XTRM GP5 BLINDFOLD "rhombus"
  • XTRM GP5 BLINDFOLD "rhombus"
  • XTRM GP5 BLINDFOLD "rhombus"


The XTRM GP5 BLINDFOLD is a revolutionary blindfold specifically designed for all GP5 masks. It provides a unique level of versatility and comfort. If you remove the inner lining of the eye clips, they will no longer be opaque, and you will be able to glimpse through them.

Eyeclips: Red
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The XTRM GP5 BLINDFOLD is equipped with side-flexible rings, allowing you to easily remove and reattach the blindfold to your GP5 mask. This innovative feature opens up endless possibilities for customizing your fetish experience. The blindfold is available in different colors, allowing you to find the perfect color for your fetish.

The XTRM GP5 BLINDFOLD is the perfect accessory for all fetish lovers. It is comfortable, versatile, and provides a unique fetish experience.

Specifically designed for all GP5 masks
High-quality materials
Pleasant wearing experience
Flexible fit
Side-flexible rings for individual adjustment
Available in different colors

Gives you an irresistible appearance
Stimulates your senses
Makes your fetish dreams come true
Provides a unique fetish experience

Order your XTRM GP5 BLINDFOLD today and experience the boundless freedom of fulfilling your fetish dreams!

Our XTRM eye masks can also be called that

Rubber Slave - Fetish Slave - Rubber Sklave - Rubber Sub -Fetish Sub - Rubber Domination - Slave Training - BDSM Slave, Rubber Mistress, Rubber Master
Rubber Bondage, Fetish Submission, Rubber Control, Slave Roleplay, Rubber Discipline
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