Xtrm XPowder - long-lasting - highly productive
  • Xtrm XPowder - long-lasting - highly productive
  • Xtrm XPowder - long-lasting - highly productive
  • Xtrm XPowder - long-lasting - highly productive
  • Xtrm XPowder - long-lasting - highly productive

Xtrm XPowder - long-lasting - highly productive

Our presentation for Xpowder

is a revolutionary powdered lubricant that takes your intimate pleasure to a new level. This natural, transparent gel is distinguished by its long-lasting lubrication and unique texture. The ultimate lubricant for an intense experience.

Our formula is more powerful, exceptionally slippery, and longer-lasting. Unlike other products on the market, our product is not only certified condom-friendly with CE0459, but it also contains no preservatives or toxins and is hypoallergenic. With xPowder, you don't have to worry about your fetish outfits. Everything stays spotless.

Experience pleasure in a whole new way XPOWDER lubricant is suitable for all kinds of sensual play. Additionally, it can be custom mixed, is easily tolerated, and provides top-notch, long-lasting lubrication. Completely residue-free.

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Versatile Ideal for fisting, pumping, and electrostimulation.

Gentle on materials Compatible with condoms, latex, silicone, and rubber.

No residue Leaves no sticky residue and is easily washable.

Natural and safe Made from natural ingredients without preservatives.

Hypoallergenic formula Does not cause allergies or intolerances and is even edible.

Gentle on the skin Water-based, non-greasy, and gentle on skin and toys.

Easy to use XPOWDER is quick and easy to use. The revolutionary lubricant comes in powder form and is simply mixed with some water. The amount of water can be adjusted to customize the texture of the lubricant to individual preferences.

01 Mix with water. Add 7 – 14 g of XPowder to a container with 300 ml of hot water.

02 Shake thoroughly. Shake the mixture vigorously until a uniform gel is formed.

03 Determine thickness. The thickness of the gel can be varied by adding more powder (=thicker) or water (=thinner).

04 Store cool. The mixed lubricant can be stored in the refrigerator for 2 to 3 days.

05 Shake well. Shake well before use.


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