The Green Monster's mixture is a highly effective formula that has thrilled millions of customers for over 20 years. After a redevelopment, a monster formula has now emerged that is extremely brilliant and powerful.

The unique formula of Green Monster's mixture contains carefully selected ingredients that achieve an incredible effect. However, this mixture is not for the faint-hearted and delicate individuals. It is only suitable for those who need it enormously.

This extremely tough monster mixture has become even stronger with the XTRM SNFFR. But be careful, this combination can be very potent. It is a very powerful and robust mixture that has convinced millions of customers and is now produced in Europe.

Overall, Green Monster's mixture is an absolute cracker. It ensures that the mares scream with desire and even experienced fisters turn into monsters. If you are looking for a truly strong and effective formula, Green Monster's mixture is the right choice for you.


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Data sheet

Isopropyl Nitrite (CAS 541-42-4),Pentyl Nitrit (EC 951-169-0)